The ACIP Decision Making Method

A simple, science-based way to make a good decision

walking path in the forest

Choosing a career path, making a career decision, or deciding on a college major - all are critical decisions. They demand high-quality decision making.

Scientific studies show that there are four essential steps you will want to follow.  They are abbreviated ACIP, like “a sip” of tea!

A stands for Alternatives. When making an important decision, look at all your choices. Ask yourself, "Are there any other ways I can solve this problem? Ways that I haven't thought of?"

C stands for Consequences. Once you have narrowed down your choices to those that look best, weigh the pros and cons of each.

I stands for Information. Search for new information about each option you are considering.

P means Plans. Make detailed plans for (a) how you will carry out your decision, and (b) what you will do if one of the negative consequences that you thought of under "C" occurs.

* Many of the ideas in this section are drawn from the extensive research of the internationally known and respected psychologists,  Irving L. Janis and Leon Mann.