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Newly added in 2010: 2 page self-interpretation tool.

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The Career Decision Profile™ will help you think about your career choice by evaluating:

  • How decided you are;
  • How comfortable you are with your decision; and
  • Your career decision needs.

The Career Decision Profile™ (CDP) is a six scale, 16-item inventory designed to measure "career decision status". It assesses how decided individuals are about their career choice; how comfortable they are about it; and their reasons for being undecided: Self-Clarity; Knowledge about Occupations & Training; Decisiveness; and Career Choice Importance. It has been the subject of many research studies since its publication in 1988 and has been translated into several languages.

Counselors use it to:

  1. Screen for Readiness (a 7-step sequence used to guide clients through the decision-making steps of career counseling as described by Peterson, Sampson, Reardon, and Lenz, 1996);
  2. Evaluate career counseling and career guidance programs; and,
  3. Explore the nature of clients' career indecision in individual and group career counseling.

It can be counselor or self-scored. For assistance in using and interpreting CDP results, see "The Career Decision Profile: Using a measure of career decision status in counseling" by Lawrence K. Jones & Raychelle Cassada Lohmann, Journal of Career Assessment, 6, Spring, 1998, pp. 209-230.

A manual with interpretive tools will be available soon as an ePublication.

“As a counselling tool the CDP allows us to discuss very specifically where the student is in the process of career development and where they want to go next. Students appreciate the simplicity of the CDP and using it to formulate next steps. A pre/post administration of the CDP allows us to measure the degree of change on all the scales and we have found statistically significant progress. These results encourage further participation from our faculty partners.”
Felicity Morgan
Assistant Director, Career Development
University of Toronto Mississauga

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