Consequences of Your Decision

Pros and Cons

Once you narrow your alternatives down to those that seem best, weigh the pros and cons of each. There are four types of consequences to consider. For each job, create a "Decision Balance Sheet" and write down:

  1. The gains and losses to your self.
  2. The gains and losses to significant others (e.g., parents, wife (or husband), other family members, close friends, or groups you value: social, political or religious).
  3. Whether you would approve or disapprove of yourself, if you chose this job or college major.
  4. Whether important people (see #2 above) in your life would approve or disapprove of your choice.

It is important to think of all of the possible consequences, negative or positive. First, before you start making your own Decision Balance Sheets, click and read Career Choice Consequences. This will help you identify the pros and cons for each occupation you are considering.

Once you have done that, return here ("Consequences") and look at a sample Decision Balance Sheet for someone who was thinking of joining the Peace Corps.

Now, you are ready to download a blank Decision Balance Sheet.  Open it and print a copy for each of the occupations or options you are considering.