Career Choice Consequences

Here are considerations that might affect your career choice.

Potential Gains or Losses for Self or Significant Others *

  • Time available to be with family
  • Job security
  • Income
  • Job stress
  • Do things that I enjoy
  • Work hazards
  • Flexible hours
  • Geographical location
  • Fringe benefits like hospitalization insurance
  • Time for leisure activities
  • Do the things that I value
  • Travel
  • Associate with people I like to be with
  • Part-time or full time work
  • Social status

Potential Sources of Approval or Disapproval from Self or Significant Others *

  • Contributions to society or good causes
  • Opportunity to fulfill life goals
  • How well you can meet the demands of the job
  • Extent to which you must compromise your principles
  • Extent to which work is "more than just a job"
  • Ability to which you can meet financial goals
  • Extent to which you can rise to a certain level of social status or material wealth
  • Opportunity to express your creativity
  • Extent to which you can accomplish what you value

* "Significant Others" includes parents, wife (or husband), other family members, close friends

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