Alternatives: Explore Your Options

Career Decision Making Alternatives
  1. Freely explore all of your options.
    If it’s a career decision, taking the Career Key test is a good way to do this. You will identify occupations that match your personality, ones you want to explore.

    For example, if you identify "Optometrist", you would learn of other "Related Occupations". These include: chiropractors, dentists, physicians, psychologists, and veterinarians. These "related" jobs might be good alternatives for you. You will likely want to learn more about them.

    If you are choosing a college major, taking the Career Key test will also identify college majors and training programs that match your personality. A complete list of college majors and training programs in the U.S. and Canada is found in our e-book, Match Up! Your Personality to College Majors. You will find many interesting college majors – good possibilities to explore further.
  2. Seek advice from others.
    Ask them for suggestions. Go beyond your immediate friends. Brainstorm. Be imaginative, "Who might have some good ideas?"
  3. Read our articles on exploring careers and college majors.
    They have valuable, practical tips on ways to expand your options. For example, read Learn More about the Jobs that Interest Me. Many of the suggested activities will help you expand your options.
  4. Consider how you are thinking about your decision.
    Can you think about it differently? For example, instead of focusing on a long term decision, like "What career should I choose?", it might be better to put that decision off until later, when you know more. Instead, you might want to focus on a short-term decision like, "What course/major/training program best fits me?"