Career Key's Career Clusters Map and Occupations

This map below will help you identify the Career Clusters and occupations that match your interests.

Inside the blue outer ring you will see the Career Clusters for the six Holland personality/interest types. For example, you will see "Marketing, Sales & Service Cluster" in the Conventional part of this ring.

Inside the white inner ring you will see the names of “Work Groups”. These are the names of groups of occupations. For example, in the Conventional part of the map you will see the title “Mathematical Detail”.

You can now see how to match your interests with career clusters and occupations. Click the image to download a PDF of the map. When you are through exploring, read the instructions below the map on this page.

career clusters map

Now, you will see the jobs that match your Holland personality type, plus their career clusters and pathways.  Click the personality type that you are most like: