Career well-being: what is it and how do you strengthen yours?

Strengthening career well-being

Career well-being is feeling good about the work you do. It's answering "yes" to the question, "Do you like what you do each day?" We know that when your career well-being is strong, you are healthier, happier and more successful.

Learn about and start strengthening your career well-being now with our tips below. To dive in further and take more action, download our free eBook, Guide to Strengthening Career Well-being.

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Career well-being includes more than paid work

Work includes doing things to achieve a purpose, like paid and unpaid jobs, volunteering, sports, or hobbies. It also includes activities like pursuing a career, training program, or college major. You want to feel good about what you are doing.

Career well-being significantly affects your relationships and health

In your work, you want to feel pride, excitement, happiness, satisfaction, inspired, energized, valued and worthwhile. Positive work experiences that produce these feelings strengthen your well-being overall–including your relationships and health.

Career well-being is one of five elements of well-being Gallup identified in their World Poll. The other four are:

  • Social
  • Financial
  • Physical, and
  • Community well-being.

The five affect each other; career well-being is the most influential. They are universal across faiths, cultures, and nationalities.

Tips to strengthen your career well-being

  1. Learn what affects your well-being so you know how to focus your energy to make the biggest difference (you've already started! Download the eBook to keep going...)
  2. Choose careers, education programs, and activities that match your strongest Holland personality types and interests.
  3. Identify and start using your motivated skills and unique strengths.

To dive in further and take more action, download our free eBook, Guide to Strengthening Career Well-Being.

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