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Personality College Major Match

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Boost student recruitment, advising, grades, student retention, and graduation by using a powerful new approach – Personality–Major Match™.

Scientific studies over the past ten years show that the closer the match between students' personality and their college major, the more likely they are to earn higher grades, persist, and graduate on time.

Unfortunately, these findings appear in technical, obscure research journals – and are not well known. Career Key's free eBook Personality-College Major Match and Student Success is the first to summarize them and describe ways they can be used by professionals working in admissions and retention.

Students and parents downloaded the companion eBook, Choosing a College Major Based on Your Personality , more than 200,000 times when it was first published.

Career Key helps you take advantage of these findings – providing tools and resources that are professional–quality, practical, affordable, and easy to implement. They include two essential elements:

“Match Up! encourages a learner–centered interaction between understanding one's key personality types and occupational and training information… [It] will be of great use to students and counselors who need to provide a list of options related to personality in a quick manner... It is a great resource that provides solid information necessary for making effective career decisions.” Read more.

Debra Osborn, Ph.D.
President–Elect, 2010–2011
National Career Development Association

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Together, these tools and resources help colleges recruit, admit, advise, retain, and graduate students on time.

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