What Job is Best for Me?

What Job is Best for Me? eBook

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The "What Job is Best for Me?", is the perfect companion to The Career Key test and our most popular eBook. In it, nationally recognized counseling psychologist and Career Key author Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, NCC walks you through the critical steps of choosing the right career. Useful for students and working adults, this eBook gives you the tools to make confident career and education choices throughout your life. Based on 40 years of proven science, each step in this eBook shows you how to:

  1. Consider all the Alternatives,
  2. Weigh the Consequences of each,
  3. Search for Information about each choice, and
  4. Make detailed Plans

You learn how to use these clear and practical ACIP steps in making your career decision, highly recommended for any important decision you face. Research clearly shows that the more you use them, the less likely you will regret your decision later.

Dr. Jones offers sound advice and shares the best practices of career counselors. Along with guidance on career decision making, this eBook includes practical tips for using social media, networking, and learning more about yourself and your career options. Click this link to see the Table of Contents.

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