The Career Key® Career Test (Canada)

Career KeyZ? Canada Test, paper/pencil

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Newly updated in 2009, this special Canadian version of the Career Key test is a professional measure used with a variety of groups – secondary school, college and university students, as well as adults -- in career counseling and career guidance programs and workshops.

Individuals assess their resemblance to Holland’s six personality types and identify their most promising career options.

Features of this popular paper/pencil career test:

  • It takes about 20 minutes to complete and is self-scoring,

  • It is the only valid career test based on Holland’s Theory to use Canadian occupational titles.

  • It uniquely organizes matching careers in an easy to use, practical way,

  • Updated in 2009 with new groups and additional occupations for the changing economy, the test uses The Career KeyTM Holland Types – Work Groups Classification System, 2nd Ed.

  • Numerous studies over the past 15 years support its reliability, validity, and helpfulness.

  • The recently updated professional manual may be purchased here at the Store for an affordable fee.

 “What is the advantage of ordering and printing this paper version instead of the online version?”

Individuals like it because it gives them a personal, hard copy of how they answered each test item to review later. You can take it as many times as you like and compare your scores and responses over time. You can also review how you answered it with others, perhaps with a friend or a counsellor.

Helpers -- counsellors, social service workers, parent educators, youth leaders, and others -- use it with a variety of individuals/groups and situations: Students (secondary school - 8th grade and up, college, and university), workshops for adults, community colleges, Career Days, Junior Achievement, PTA, church youth groups, Scouts, 4-H, correctional settings, vocational rehabilitation and employment counseling . . . .


  • Find it helpful to have a paper test that can be taken, reviewed, and discussed at the same time, and be reviewed later;
  • Are in situations where using computers and the Internet are unrealistic;
  • Work with clients who lack computer skills;
  • Like the control it gives them over the educational experience, often missing in a room of computers; and
  • Assign follow up activities at the Career Key website.
  • Customize The Career Key, adding value. For example, add an additional page(s) with suggested activities, educational programs, local resources, or other Career Key ePublications.

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