Career Key Test and Activities Booklet - Set of 35

Career Key Career Test Paper Pencil

$75.00 for each Set of 35 booklets (about $2 each)
Published February 2018
20 pages, Full Color
8.5 x 5.5 inches
Printed on 100% Recycled Paper with Soy Inks
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We are excited to now offer a pre-printed version of the Career Key test with our most popular career activities, perfect for using in your next class or workshop. Order with ease and confidence on

Updated in February 2018, the Career Key Booklet is based on the respected and well-known Holland Theory of Career Choice. The booklet helps youth and adults assess their personality type and identify matching careers and college majors.

The colorful, pen-pencil friendly booklet includes the popular, scientifically valid Career Key test that accurately measures Holland's six personality types (RIASEC). Users draw their own Career Key using their personality type scores that matches them to over 400 career options.

Matching careers include a variety of required education levels, from on the job training to graduate school. The booklet includes an explanation of Holland's theory, including the hexagon so test takers can understand their scores and what careers might satisfy them.

Booklet activities also include:

  • Further Career Exploration,
  • Keep a Career Portfolio,
  • Learn More about Yourself,
  • Choosing a College Major or Training Program, and
  • Make a Good Decision.

Counselors, teachers and group facilitators use the Career Key Booklet as a class handout to help students and adults gain career direction based on the best science and practices of career counseling.

No computer access is necessary but users can access online career information (like job outlook, education required, and more from the Occupational Outlook Handbook) about the careers that interest them at no extra charge at the advertising and registration free Career Key website. A QR Code on the booklet gives easy smartphone/tablet access to the site.

The booklet is the only career assessment sold in the American School Counselor Association bookstore. A free guide at the Career Key website shows school counselors how to use the booklet and website to achieve ASCA Student Standards.