eBook: 5 Steps to Choosing the Right Career Cluster, Field or Pathway

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Career Cluster, Field, or Pathway

118 Pages (3.5 MB), September 2014
About the Author

Are you a student about to choose a “career pathway”? A “career cluster” or “career field”? But confused by what these clusters and pathways are? How they are related to your interests, to what you want to study in school? What career you can enter? Many are. Now there is a solution. Please read on...

Are you a counselor or parent who knows how important this decision is? Are you looking for a valid way to make this choice?

5 Steps was developed to help you. It is the product of years of research. It is the first and only resource to,

  • Be based on a scientifically valid career test of the Holland personality types;
  • Explain, in clear language, the meaning of the Career Clusters and Pathways
  • Match the results of the career test to promising jobs;
  • Identify the career clusters, pathways, or fields likely to prepare you for them; and
  • Lead you step-by-step to making a good decision – a method that is simple and based on sound scientific practice.

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Career Cluster, Field or Pathway is a newly updated, and powerful resource by Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, a trusted and recognized international leader in career guidance and vocational psychological research. He is the author of The Career Key websites and numerous books and research publications.

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