Standard B2: Identify Career Goals

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the education and training needed to achieve career goals
  2. Assess and modify their educational plan to support career
    • Based on what they learn in #1 above, assess their newly created educational plans and modify them if necessary. Discuss their plans with others.
  3. Use employability and job readiness skills in internship
    • Review and rate the extent to which they have the Foundation Skills. Identify three of these skills in which they are strong. Identify three they want to strengthen and what activities they might do to accomplish these learning goals, such as in an internship.
    • Download and print this 2-page copy of the Foundation Skills at the first page of this module.  Counselors or educators may make multiple copies to distribute for nonprofit purposes.
  4. Select course work that is related to career interests
    • Based on what they learn from the activities described in the competencies above, identify the courses that will prepare them for the occupations or industries which interest them.
  5. Maintain a career-planning portfolio