Career Key Case Studies and Reviews

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Houston Independent School District, the largest school district in Texas, uses Career Key as part of the Naviance College and Career Readiness Platform.

An excerpt from "Houston Independent School District Jumpstarts Career Planning with Naviance and Career Key" (March 2015) on the Naviance College and Career Readiness Blog:

"In 2014, [HISD] rolled out the assessment to every eighth grader across the district and achieved nearly 100 percent participation in the assessment in the first year.

'Students really took to the assessment,' says Weaver. 'They felt that the assessments were pretty accurate, encouraging them to want to investigate more into their interests and goals.'

HISD staff also responded positively to Career Key. Staff members personally took the assessment before introducing it to the students, and many believed Career Key would shed light on what their students might be good at in the future by helping them identify their interests, traits, skills, and abilities. The assessment also was a good supplement to career instruction already taking place in the classroom."

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Bishop State Community College in Mobile, Alabama uses Career Key in their "Strong Start – First Time Student Orientation Course" (Fall 2015) as part of their Quality Enhancement Plan. All incoming students explore their career interests and match their Holland personality to Bishop State majors and Alabama career pathways. Using their Career Key results students create a career portfolio that includes a degree plan and Career Guide.

North Carolina State University has used the Career Key in its Career Development Center for nearly 20 years.

From the NCSU student newspaper Technician (2014): "Career Key survey matches jobs with personality types":

"The test did a good job of asking questions aimed at figuring out what type of atmosphere I would most like to work in addition to the field of study I would enjoy," said Rachel Walter, a freshman in environmental science. "Taking the test was a journey of self-discovery in and of itself, and I am hopeful that the results will help me to narrow the focus of my potential career fields."

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