Career Key Discovery® for Groups

Create success for your group with Career Key Discovery and our new group action portal

Let's create success – together! Our holistic, science-based approach with the Career Key match to careers and programs of study will lead to long-term success and career well-being for your students and clients. The Career Key Discovery assessment and our new group portal will empower you and your colleagues to take action that leads to more decision-making and better long-term outcomes.

Career Key Discovery®

Career assessment that empowers people to take action

Millions have relied on our career assessment to take the next step to clarify their career and education choices. With a Career Key personality match, your students and clients are more likely to succeed and achieve career well-being. Research shows it.

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Printed assessment and activity booklet available

Group Portal

An action-oriented tool that keeps youth and adults moving toward success

You know your students or clients (discoverers) want to change career direction or make a career choice. We make it easy for you to engage with and guide them using your Career Key Discovery group portal.

You can:

  • Customize careers and programs of study your discoverers see in the assessment
  • Learn a discoverer's unique personality and interests and follow up with the right information for them
  • Move discoverers forward using our fast and simple email features
  • Use professionally developed, tailored content to advise discoverers
  • Enjoy easy technology adoption using a web app plug-in

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Another option to consider is our Career Key Affiliate Program. By sharing Career Key Discovery with your audience, you earn money for your organization while helping others achieve career well-being. It's easy to join and start today.