College and Career Readiness and School Counselors

College and Career readiness kit from Career Key

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College and Career Readiness Kit

We want to help school counselors in their efforts to get students college and career ready. Developed by counselor educator Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, the Career Key Test and self-help articles are affordable, ad-free, and science-based resources you can use to empower students and parents in successful career and education decisions.

In this free College and Career Readiness Kit, we offer a sampling of our school counseling resources, including:

  1. Special introduction by Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, NCC
  2. Choose a college major based on your personality: what does the research say? (PDF eBook for students and parents)
  3. Personality-College Major MatchTM and Student Success: Professionals' Guide (PDF eBook for school counselors, teachers, administrators)
  4. Career Key Guide to Meeting ASCA National Standards Using the Career Key
  5. Common Core State Standards: a challenge and opportunity for school counselors (PDF eBook)
  6. ASCA and Common Core Standards Addressed in a Career Key Test Taking Scenario
  7. Learning Activities Combining Common Core and ASCA National Standards

We also invite you to view our free Common Core Standards webinar, Helping Middle School Students Get Career and College Ready with Holland's Theory.

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Other college and career readiness resources we recommend:
College and Career Readiness Curriculum for School Counselors
(licenses The Career Key)