Standard C1: Achieve Career Goals

  1. Understand the relationship between educational achievement and career success
    • Take The Career Key; identify promising occupations; and then write down the educational/training requirements needed for each, then discuss them with their classmates.
    • Identify an industry that interests them; go to Learn about Occupations, then to "Career Guide to Industries" and find that industry. That tells about the training and educational requirements for workers in that industry. Students can note this information, discuss it, and/or write a report on the topic. For example, read about the desktop publishing industry.
  2. Assess and modify their educational plan to support career
    • Take The Career Key; identify promising occupations; and then read and discuss the ideas in Holland's Personality Types and Career Choice. For example, according to Holland's theory,
      1. What is most likely to influence a person's success and satisfaction in a career?
      2. What kind of work environment are you most likely to enjoy?
      3. Personality and work environment are most important, but what other factors might influence your job success and satisfaction?
    • Make multiple copies of "What Color are Your Feathers? for the students and have them read and discuss the questions above. Order from the Career Key Store.
  3. Identify personal preferences and interests influencing career choice and success
    See #2 above.
  4. Understand that the changing workplace requires lifelong learning and acquiring new skills
    • Read and discuss the Free Agent Worker.
    • Read and discuss the Foundation Skills.  Among the 17 skills, identify the three which are your strongest; the three that need the most strengthening. What steps can you take to strengthen those three?
    • Download and print this 2-page copy of the Foundation Skills at the first page of this module.  Counselors or educators may make multiple copies to distribute for nonprofit purposes.
    • Read, Identify Your Skills and Make Them Work for You and do related activities. For example,
      1. Define these four types of skills and give an example: Foundation, transferable, marketable, and motivated.
      2. Go to Identify Your Skills and follow the directions for assessing your skills in the four areas: Foundation, transferable, marketable, and motivated.
    • See #1 above.
  5. Describe the effect of work on lifestyle
  6. Understand the importance of equity and access in career choice
  7. Understand that work is an important and satisfying means of personal expression
    See #2 above.