Sample Career Decision Balance Sheet

Here is an example of a decision balance sheet completed by a person thinking about joining the Peace Corps:

Option: Join the Peace Corps
Challenging work
Low pay
Live in another country and culture exciting!
Away from friends and family.
Opportunity to teach and travel.
May have trouble adjusting; may be lonely.
Chance to test myself and grow as a person.
Significant Others:
My students will learn some of my skills and knowledge so they can better themselves and their country.
Family and friends will miss me.
Helping others
Will not be able to pay off college loans as soon as I said would, and I may feel disappointment in myself because of this.
I will help make this a better world.
I can share with others, in a small way, the advantages I have
had by my birth in the U.S.
Significant Others:
Parents will be proud of me.
College advisor wants me to go graduate school at his alma mater.
My minister will be pleased.
Brother thinks I'm stupid; I'm just a phony do-gooder, that I should think about my future.

He also completed decision balance sheets for the two other choices he was considering: go to graduate school and work as a teacher in local school.

For your own use, print a blank decision balance sheet.

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