Strengthen and Learn New Work Skills

Learning new work skills and strengthening those you already have are critical to your career success and happiness. They increase your self-confidence, make you more employable, and open new career opportunities.

Being a "Life-Long Learner" is satisfying, and can even be fun, especially when you work on your "motivated skills." So set aside time to build on the skills you have. As a Free Agent Worker, you need to take care of yourself and take charge of your career path.

We recommend that you,

  1. First, decide on the skills you want to learn or strengthen. Then plan on how to follow through.
  2. Review the skills you identified earlier in "My Work Skills" list, including the "Foundation Skills" and other transferable skills. Are there any that are missing? Put a star "*" next to those. Strengthening these work skills is especially important for your success.
  3. Review your "motivated skills." Which one of those might you strengthen? Are there related ones you'd like to learn?
  4. For more ideas on how to learn a skill, look up your occupation or one that interests you in the O*NET Code Connector.

Example: If you enter Architect into the "Occupation Quick Search" box, you will see it listed along with other related occupations.

If you click on one of these job titles, you will see the job or work skills (called "Detailed Work Activities") commonly needed to perform it. Be sure to click the + sign to see them all.

You can get some ideas for learning or strengthening these skills by using them in an online search. So one skill under Architect is "estimate cost of engineering projects." Search for "Learn how to estimate cost for engineering projects" and you will likely get some helpful ideas.