What is a Green Career? More on the Green Economy, Holland's Theory

What does "green" mean when it comes to careers, jobs and the economy?

Green Economy is "economic activity related to reducing the use of fossil fuels, decreasing pollution and greenhouse emissions, increasing the efficiency of energy usage, recycling materials, and developing and adopting renewable sources of energy."

"Greening" of Occupations is "the extent to which green economic activities and technologies increase the demand for existing occupations, shape the work and worker requirements needed for occupational performance, or generate unique work and worker requirements."

By using these definitions, O*NET, a U.S. government agency, is able to identify three categories of occupations that have been affected by the green economy:

  • Green Increased Demand Occupations
  • Green Enhanced Skills Occupations
  • Green New Emerging Occupations

You will learn more about them as you go through the four steps.

Holland's Theory & Green Careers, Green Jobs

To help you match your personality to green careers, we have classified "green" occupations according to the Holland six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

Why is this important? Research shows that the closer the match the more likely you are to be successful and happy in your career.

To better understand and use this knowledge, we recommend our self-help article, Holland's Theory of Career Choice to you. It is clear and practical.

Scientifically Valid Measures of Holland Personality Types.

If you're serious, you want to use a measure that actually measures the Holland types. The Career Key Career Test is one of the few scientifically valid measures. Invalid measures can seriously mislead you.

The other valid measures are the Self-Directed Search, the Strong Interest Inventory, Campbell Interest and Skills Survey, and ACT's UNIACT.

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