Choosing a Military Career

woman in army fatigues

Are you thinking of joining the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard? Some see this as an attractive choice. Recruiters emphasize benefits, like money for education, learning job skills, opportunities for adventure and travel, and health care.

Critics say that these benefits are over-rated and that people need other information to make a good decision.

What is the truth? Unfortunately, it is not easy to know. The recruiters have quotas to fill; they want to sell you on the military. And, the critics want to persuade you; they often have a strong bias against the military and want to discourage you from enlisting.

You can be sure of one thing. Choosing a military career is a big decision. It will have a major effect on your life. Unlike choosing any other career or job:

  • Once you are in the military you cannot change your mind and quit, without serious consequences;
  • You are legally committing yourself to this career for several years; and
  • You are choosing a career which may require you to harm other people and risk your own life.

How should you make a decision that is this important? One that you won't regret? Thanks to science, we know the steps to take to make a good decision.