Social Green Careers and Occupations

These green careers for the Social personality type are organized into "work groups." These are groups of jobs based on the traits of workers. In each group, the workers have similar interests, aptitudes, temperament, skills, and abilities.

The occupations are color coded to show which of the three groups of green occupations they are:

Green Increased Demand Occupations are green jobs that are unchanged but the greening economy is increasing the demand for them; more people are being hired to fill them.

Green Enhanced Skills Occupations are existing jobs that the green economy is changing; new skills and knowledge are needed.

Green New and Emerging Occupations are entirely new green careers and jobs.

Jobs with a (*) are “in demand” according to the U.S. Department of Labor – meaning they are projected to have increased numbers of jobs.

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It is best if you look at your two top personality types. When you are finished with this page, you can see the “green” occupations for the other five Holland types by clicking: Investigative, Artistic, Realistic, Enterprising, or Conventional.

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4.04 Education & Library Services
Farm and Home Management Advisor
Training and Development Specialist

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