Green Careers and Green Jobs that Match Your Personality

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Green careers are attractive for many people, especially those that match their interests and personality. This makes sense. When you do what interests you, you are more successful and happy – whether it's in green jobs, majors, or training programs. Many research studies back this up.

The green economy is growing – there is a "greening" of many jobs, and there are new and emerging green careers. Take advantage of these new opportunities by matching your Holland personality type with green careers. (More about what green means).

There are four steps. First, you want to measure the strength of your six Holland types. It is important to use a scientifically valid test, one that actually measures what is claimed -- like the Career Key.

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You can skip this step if you have taken one of the few valid measures of the Holland types.

Second, you want to explore the green occupations listed under the personality type(s) that are most like you. Begin by clicking the type below that best fits you: