Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

We give you expert help in choosing a career having the best opportunities. Our matching system includes all occupations . . . complete, up-to-date information . . . helps you make a good decision. All based on the best science and practices of professional career counseling.

First, you need to ask yourself, "What kind of career opportunities am I looking for?"

Are they opportunities to,

  • Enter or change to an occupation or field that has a better future?
  • Enhance and advance your present career?
  • Serve others? Protect the environment?
  • Be creative – like in art, music, photography, writing, or dance?
  • Own your own business?
  • Work from home? Or . . . something else?

It is important to think this through. Learn about Yourself will help you. Be sure to write your answers out.

Second, identify those careers that match your interests, your Holland personality type. The closer the match, the more likely you will be successful and satisfied. This is also true in choosing a college major or training program. Scientific studies show this.

Take The Career Key® test and learn about the occupations you identify.

Third, make a good choice. Carefully, follow the steps for High-Quality Decision Making. The "ACIP" approach is based on extensive scientific research. It is absolutely the best way to make important decisions.

We also highly recommend that you,

  • Study the Occupational Outlook Handbook "Projections Overview". It describes which occupations and industries are likely to grow and decline in the next 20 years. Yes, it is a challenge to read, but it is truly the best source of information (Be sure to scroll all the way down).1
  • Browse "Bright Outlook Occupations", where you choose those that are "Rapid Growth", "Numerous Job Openings", "New and Emerging", or "All Bright Outlook Occupations". Fascinating! Click on the jobs listed for complete and accurate details.
  • Read our simple primer about Holland's theory of career choice. Learn why personality-career/college major match is so important.
  • Read Job Satisfaction if you are unhappy in your present career or job.
  • Go to The Self Employment Key™, if you are interested in owning your own business.
  • Check out our home page. Read our different recommendations for depending on where you are on your career journey. We have many high-quality self-help articles that show you how to take advantage of different career opportunities.
  • Browse our high-quality and affordable e-pubs in our Store.

1 This article and the one that follows are, of course, based on assumptions about how the economy will grow. Are they overoptimistic? In his commentary, "Is Growth Over?", Nobel-prize winning economist Paul Krugman gives a thought-provoking answer.