Education Options

Third, you will want to learn as much as you can about the majors and instructional programs you identified.

To help you, we have created a new eBook, Match Up! Your Personality to College Majors. Click here to learn about it, how to order and download it to your computer.

In addition,

  • Talk to people in the fields that interest you. Discuss your questions and concerns with them. Ask them what training programs or college majors prepare people for their work. Ask them for the names of other people with whom you can talk.
  • Research the opportunities for studying in your areas of interest. Where are the schools or training programs located? Are there distance learning options? Entrance requirements? Cost? Graduation rate?
  • Read "Learn about College Majors or Training Programs".

And, Fourth, You want to make a good decision.

Since this decision is so important, you want to make it in a scientific way. You want to use the ACIP method of deciding. It is simple and effective. If you follow it, you are least likely to regret your choice later. Research studies show this.

You want to consider your Alternatives, identify the Consequences of each; gather Information, and Plan how you will (a) put your decision into effect and (b) handle negative consequences if the occur.

Go to Decision Making Process to learn how to use the ACIP method.


  1. Be an active decision-maker. You are the one who will have to live with your decision. Follow the ACIP method of deciding described above.
  2. Don’t sell yourself short. Self-confidence plays a big role in making a career choice, in succeeding in school and at work. You can do far more than you ever imagined.

    Speaking personally, I never dreamed that I had the ability to earn a doctorate degree, to do what I am doing. Fortunately, I met people who encouraged me; slowly I gained confidence... (see My Story).
  3. Consider this advice on Choosing a College Major and Liberal Arts, Humanities & General Studies Majors.
  4. Associate with positive people -- people who listen; who are practical, knowledgeable, and cheerful; who will encourage you, help you.
  5. Be an active learner, grow as a person. Read. Learn from others. Travel. Meet people different from yourself. Do well in school.

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