Classification of Majors by Holland Types and Work Groups

To benefit from the personality-major match research -- which predicts better grades and graduating on time -- you must use a scientifically valid,

  • Career test of the Holland RIASEC personality types AND
  • System of organizing majors by Holland types.

Without these two you can be seriously misled  and make a decision you will regret.

The Career Key® classification system combines Holland’s familiar RIASEC personality types and a classification system created by the U.S. Department of Labor for the Guide for Occupational Exploration.  Career Key’s system is used to classify occupations and was adapted in 2009 to classify college majors.

All 2,971 majors in the U.S. and Canada  were grouped according to the six Holland personality types.  They were then divided into Work Groups -- groups of occupations and majors with people having similar interests, aptitudes, temperament, skills, and abilities.

In other words, with this system you can identify occupations AND majors that are likely to fit your personality, interests, aptitudes, temperaments, skills, and abilities.  Only Career Key offers you this opportunity.

See Career Key’s self-guided e-book Match Up!  for a complete listing of all majors and occupations.