Strengthen Marketable Skills

Skills are the currency of the workplace. You are hired because the company believes you have skills that will increase its profits. Consequently,

  • Keep an eye out for new job opportunities; be ready to get a new job before you are laid off. Talk with others in your field about jobs openings. Keep an updated resume and share it with others.
  • Communicate your accomplishments clearly (PAR: Problem, Action, Results):
    • What was the problem you faced?
    • What actions did you take?
    • What observable results were there?
    Practice in front of a mirror. Your ability to describe your skills and accomplishments is essential to promotions, writing resumes, and succeeding in job interviews.
  • Learn new skills and build on those you already have. How strong are your Foundation Skills? Take a careful look at them. Strengthen those that are weak.
  • Know your "motivated skills," those that you enjoy using. Look for ways to strengthen them.
  • Know what skills your industry needs.
  • Learn skills that are transferable to jobs in other companies.

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