Choose a Career

How to Choose a Career

Holland's Theory of Career Choice and You

  • Holland's Personality Types
  • Holland's Personality Type Work Environments
  • Match Your Personality to a Career or Major for Success

What are Holland Codes? What is RIASEC?

Introverts, Introversion — Tips for School and Job Success

Learn More About Yourself

  • Understanding Your Personality, Values, Skills and Abilities
  • Potential Challenges you May Encounter

How Parents Can Help

  • How Parents Affect Their Child's Career Choices
  • 8 Ways to Help Your Child's Career Development

Sources of Help on the Internet

Changing a Career

Career Change

  • Know Yourself
  • Know Your Options
  • Make a Good Decision

Military to Civilian Career

  • Planning Ahead
  • Know Yourself
  • Transitioning from Military to Civilian Employers

Success and Satisfaction

What is Career Well-Being?

The Free Agent Outlook on Work

  • Strengthen Marketable Skills
  • Stay Mobile, Prepare to Change Jobs
  • Watch Your Company and Industry Information
  • Free Agents Do Better at Work
  • Balance Life and Work
  • Optimism and Thinking Positive


  • Make a Networking Plan
  • How to Make Contacts
  • Potential Networking Contacts
  • How to Oragnize Contacts for Networking
  • How to Make Contacts and Take Actions
  • Practice Networking Etiquette

Job Satisfaction

  • Understanding What Affects Your Job Satisfaction
  • Eight recommendations by experts