Stay Mobile, Prepare to Change Jobs

Prepare yourself and know how to change jobs at any time. While you should not be in a constant state of anxiety about your job, you should not feel secure or complacent either. Supervisors change, technology changes, and ultimately you are responsible for finding another job if something happens to your current one – or you need to leave it.

Increase your confidence and resilience when work changes by preparing now to stay mobile:

  • Be Job and Work Skills Smart, identifying and updating your skills as your career progresses and you change jobs. You should have a paper or electronic Career Portfolio with these lists in them.
  • Cultivate your visibility. Become someone respected in your field. Contribute to newsletters, make presentations, and volunteer for activities in your field.
  • Develop your skills in networking. Don't wait until you need a job to start networking. Start by helping others succeed so that when you need support, you have a network already set up.

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