Careers and Education Options that Match in Career Key Discovery®

Explore careers and education options that best match your personality. When you choose a career or major that matches, you're more likely to succeed and achieve career well-being.

1. Now that you know more about your personality with your Career Key results, browse groups of careers sharing similar characteristics (like Visual Arts below). This way, you discover more options that match, some you might not have thought about before.

Step 1

2. Browse groups of majors, if you want to explore programs of study that match.

Step 2

3. For each career and major, dive in further to learn more about each one. We also recommend related careers or majors that are compatible with your personality.

Career Detail

Career Detail

Major Detail

Major Detail

4. Save those options that interest you most to your Career Profile, which you can download as a report and email it to yourself. Return often to keep exploring and update this list and narrow it down further to the best fit for you.

Career Profile

5. Take next steps to choosing a career or major knowing you've found a great match!

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