"Free Career Tests?"

The words "free career test" make no sense . . . unless you are trying to trick someone . . . to make money at someone else's expense.

Here's why: It takes years of research to create a good career test. Plus, money, knowledge, and technical skill. It also takes thousands of dollars to put it on a website, market and maintain it. Who could afford to do this for nothing?

If you are serious, you want a "valid" career test -- one that has scientific evidence showing that it measures what it is supposed to measure. Invalid career tests can mislead you, sending you in the wrong direction.

The Career Key's career test is a good assessment and we recommend others in our article on misleading career tests.

Invalid career tests, quizzes, sorters and the like are a serious problem. They are widely available on the Internet. They are also found on many federal, state, school, and college websites.

Taking a valid, reliable career test can be a valuable investment. It can help you make a good decision. Take the time to become informed -- be a smart consumer.

Although this all may sound financially self-serving, the reality is that if Career Key had just wanted to sell tests and maximize revenue, long ago our site would have been covered with ads, required registration for data-mining purposes, and we would have no 10% sales donation. You can read Career Key's author Dr. Jones's story to get a sense of our values and mission. Good luck and we wish you the best in your career planning journey.

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