Career Key Discovery for Groups

Create success for your group – your way

Secondary School
Higher Education
Adults In Transition

How It Works


Use Career Key Discovery to achieve student or client success your way.

Secondary School

Middle School. Students start off in the right direction to choose high school courses by exploring familiar and new promising careers.

High School. Improve student decisions about courses, post-graduation study and careers, while meeting state standards for career and college readiness.

Case Studies

Secondary schools and districts enjoy special pricing.

Higher Education

Admissions. Increase yield because you know which applicants are the best fit for your programs. You focus resources on the right applicants, and students feel the connection with you and your programs.

Student Success and First-Year Programs. Improve retention and graduation rates as you help students clarify their program and career direction.

Career Services. Connect students and graduates with careers and the employers that offer the best fit.

Case Studies

Adults Working or In Transition

Guide adults returning to the workforce, changing careers or continuing their education for better long-term outcomes on the job or in school.

How It Works


How the assessment works

  • Scientifically valid Holland personality assessment
  • Individualized explanation of assessment results
  • Takes about 10 minutes to complete
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Self-interpreting; no credentials required to administer
  • Convenient, shareable PDF report with results and selected options (Sample Report)
  • Suitable for 7th graders through adults
  • Meets W3 Web Content Accessibility Standards 2.0

How the group portal works

  • Customize careers and majors displayed in the assessment
  • Create and manage groups of students/clients
  • Custom and template email follow up via built in messaging function
  • Expert resources for easy advising
  • Easy set-up with your team and other departments for larger scale collaboration
  • Export data for use in other systems via .csv


Scalable: Our cloud-based platform and subscription-based volume pricing serves small and large organizations.

You Control Access: Web app plug in easy to install on any website with user registration.

Easy Adoption: Easy to use with counselors and non-counselors. Complements other products and assessments.

Compatible with Your Systems: We are system-agnostic, enabling user data exports via .csv

Long Term Access. As long as you keep your Career Key web app plug in installed, previously registered users may access their results.

Always Updated: Because you're hosting our web app plug in, your users automatically see our most updated careers and programs.


We offer two subscription types, prepaid and auto renewal, billed on a monthly or annual basis.

Prepaid – pay for what you need now.

  • Pre-pay for a set quantity of assessments at a per-user price. When you reach your user limit, new users gain access only after you buy more. Unused new user slots expire after 2 years.
  • Add on blocks of 25 new user slots at the per-user price of your original purchase. Unused slots expire at the end of your 2 year-subscription.
  • No automatic renewal.

Auto Renewal – grow as you go, never run out.

  • Start at a base quantity you select for your expected user volume during a 1-year subscription.
  • If during the 1-year period your usage exceeds the initial quantity, you automatically get moved to the next volume tier and we bill you accordingly.
  • When it's time for annual renewal, adjust the base volume as needed.
  • Base volume cannot be adjusted downward during 1-year subscription without an extra fee. Unused volume is non-refundable.
  • Subscription automatically renews, so new and old users enjoy uninterrupted access.


Recurring monthly payment

Receive 10% discount from Annual billing prices

Pay by credit card or ACH bank transfer (U.S. banks only)


Pay up front for annual usage

Additional volume tiers automatically charged if you exceed your initial quantity

Pay by credit card, Pay Pal, ACH bank transfer or purchase order and check

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