Career Advice for Middle School and High School Students

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Imagine choosing a satisfying career...

Are you wondering, "What will I do when I grow up? What subjects will I study in high school? College? What kind of work will I do?"

Career Key can help you. We have a valid (accurate) career test for students and lots of free career advice articles, downloads, and videos. It's a good time for you to explore... to learn about jobs and school options. And, it can be fun and interesting!

In middle and high school, things start to get serious. You choose classes and colleges that form the foundation for future career and education decisions. But don't worry about making one career choice – you will make many throughout your life.

First, set yourself up for lifelong success with a good foundation. If you learn more about your interests, do a little planning, and learn how to make good decisions, it can make a big difference in opening up better jobs, higher salaries, and make you more of a "free agent" in the workplace. I recommend:

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Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D., NCC
President, Career Key