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eBook ePublications FAQ

An ePublication is a Career Key book or document that you download from the Internet with a free software program called Adobe Reader. You can read it on your computer, or you can print it out to use.

ePublication books are especially suited for use on your computer. They have links that you can click that take you to different parts of the book and to key websites.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I get Adobe Reader? Just click here to download to your computer. It is free.

  • How do I download my ePublication? It's easy. After you pay for it, we send you an email of thanks. It contains a link that will connect you to the web page where you download it to your computer. You must download it within 48 hours, or it is lost.

  • How do I read an ePublication? Two ways. First, you can read it on your computer; all you need is Adobe Reader. If you buy an ebook, you will be able to navigate around the book by clicking various links, just as if you were on the Internet. It will also have links to key websites. Or, second, you can print your publication out and read it that way.

  • Can I really print out my book or document? Yes, as long as you follow the guidelines. With most ebooks on the market, this is not permitted or possible. We trust that you will not do any unauthorized copying -- violating the copyright. With Career Key publications, you are permitted to make individual, personal copies -- in some cases, more. Read the guidelines when you review the items for sale.

  • Is it safe to pay online? Yes. The locked padlock symbol on your browser shows that our website is encrypted to the highest standard. The security of our website is certified by Comodo, one of the most trusted companies in the industry; their customers include companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and General Electric, and universities like UCLA and Stanford. By putting your cursor on the round TrustLogo at the bottom of this page, you receive real-time authentication of the security of our website. By pointing your cursor at the Card Payment TrustLogo you can verify our site's authority to accept credit card payments.

  • Is it safe to download my ePublication? Yes. You won't download anything harmful, like a computer virus.

  • What are the advantages of ePublications? There are several. You can buy and receive them immediately with your computer; no wait for shipping. You can view them wherever you wish from a laptop computer. The ebooks have links that help you navigate and access valuable websites on the Internet. They are written by a respected author in the career counseling field. Your purchase supports the Career Key website, a free public service that daily helps thousands of people. And, unlike most ebooks or edocuments available, you can print out Career Key ePublications.


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