Why Use The Career Key?

High quality career guidance

To achieve career and college success

1. Use the most respected, science-based theory in the field

  • The Holland theory is the most often used by professional career educators and counselors. Its simplicity make it easy (and fun!) to use.
  • Over a thousand scientific studies have investigated its concepts
  • The Career Key is the #1 source for Holland on the Internet -- respected and used by professionals worldwide.

2. Measure your Holland personality types accurately

  • The Career Key test is one of only six scientifically valid measures of the Holland types on the Internet.
  • Most career tests on the Internet are invalid. They can seriously mislead you.

3. Identify the careers and college majors that truly match your personality

  • Our scientific classification system gives you more options. It makes it easier to explore and choose.
  • Studies show that a good match leads to career/college success. Career Key is the leader in the field.

4. Get the most comprehensive, latest information about each career or major

  • You will have the most complete and up-to-date information about jobs at your finger tips. Our sources are unmatched.
  • And, our information about college majors is unsurpassed.

5. Use a simple, scientific way to make decisions that lead to your career and college success

  • You will make a smart decision when you do. Our method is widely used in making important health and business decisions. It is based on numerous scientific studies.
  • You will want to use the "ACIP Decision Making Method™" to make other important decisions.

6. Be in complete control

  • You decide which careers or majors you want to consider. We do not prescribe or artificially narrow your options, as some services do ("Here are your 5 best choices"). We offer more choices and make them easier to narrow down.
  • You can login at our site at any time, for up to one year - to do more research, or update your list. Plus, it's mobile-friendly.

7. Get expert advice

  • You want expert help in making your decisions. That is our goal, our passion.
  • When you use our practical self-help articles, you are getting the best from the science and practices in the field. Our qualifications

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