Environmentally Friendly

Career Key is Earth Friendly

We are committed to doing our part in securing a sustainable and healthy environment for life on planet Earth. We know that,

  • The use of natural resources in the world is unsustainable,
  • Climate change is real, largely caused by human activity.


  • Do our work in home-based offices (eliminating commuting and minimizing office energy usage);
  • Give preference to hiring consultants who are home-based;
  • Purchase energy through eco-friendly utility plans (Blue Sky, Seattle's Green Power Program);
  • Offer carbon-free products and services (e.g., web applications, PDFs); paper products are printed on 100% recycled paper; printed with eco-friendly inks);
  • Minimize traveling to conferences, and conduct business electronically whenever possible;
  • Help Career Key users understand "green careers and jobs", "green economy" - how they are related to the Holland theory, career and college major decisions;
  • Donate to conservation organizations; and
  • Give preference to purchasing goods and services from certified green companies