eBook: The Career Key® Manual

The Career Key™ Manual

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About the Author

Newly updated in 2013, the professional manual for the Career Key measure describes:

  • Its goals, features, and construction;
  • The research underlying its construction;
  • Technical aspects: reliability, validity, helpfulness found from 15 years of research -- including tables of results.
  • Web-based version
  • Updates to the Career Key® Holland Types - Work Groups Classification System
  • Relating Career Key® results to Career Clusters/Pathways, College Majors and Instructional Programs
  • Information about the author

Also included:

  • New! The Career Key® Holland Types - Work Groups Classification System, 2nd Ed. - a complete listing of over 250 occupations matched to the six Holland Personality Types and Career Key's unique work groups.
  • New! The Career Key® RIASEC Map of Career Clusters

The complete manual has much more information than what is on the website.

Click these links to see the Table of Contents and Page 27 of the Classification System.

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