How to Choose a Career

Wondering how to choose a career? Our expert, science-based, self-help approach will guide you in making a good career decision, one you won't regret.

We've organized it according to the three basic principles of good decision making:

1.  Know yourself -- your strengths, values, personality, and skills.  This will help you decide which choice best fits you.

  • Take the Career Key career test to discover which Holland personality types you are most like. You can then match the results with the most promising careers, career pathways, college majors and training programs.
  • Read about John Holland's Theory of Career Choice to understand how your success and satisfaction in a job, school, or college is related to your personality.
  • Do the activities in Learn about Yourself and Identify Your Skills to understand yourself better.

2.   Know your options  and learn about each one

3.   Make a good decision. 

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